• District Nail Bar

Hi, it's nice to meet you.

We are...

We know.

Seasons change. That means your mood may also change along with it, right? We try to provide as many color options as possible. Feeling bright? Dark? Fun? Neutral? Trust us, whatever mood you're in, we got that color!

We offer.

Regular polish. Gel polish. Dip powder. Even waxing.

We care.

We want to make sure your nails last. If your nails get broken or chipped, we'll fix it for you at no charge. Quality is our main focus. Just like you, we wouldn't want our money wasted either!

We're excited to meet you.

We love meeting new faces just as much as we love seeing familiar faces. Whenever we have the chance to talk to you, each story is always so fascinating.

Follow our little shenanigans here.

Instagram: @districtnailbar

Facebook: districtnailbar


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